The time has come again…summer just ended and autumn is upon us, students are back in school and it’s harvest season and football! 

September means back to school! Check out these simple tips and tricks to help you and your family get back in the swing of things. Also in this article see how to make your very own DIY turntable workstation.

If you’re looking to upgrade your chicken and dessert recipe, here’s potato chip chicken and k bars recipe featured in this month’s issue of my digital magazine. Watch the step by step video on how to make the mouth watering potato chip chicken.

Bring on football season! It’s time to dust off those jerseys and bring out the classic watch-party gear. From local to national teams, excitement and hope is in the crisp fall air in this month’s issue of my digital magazine…plus, try to score a trivia touchdown with our six-question quiz

Artist Chris Fritton travels all over the country with only paper and ink to print various creative artworks. Check out this amazing article to learn about this unique craft.

May you forever enjoy the comfort of routine as much as the spirit of adventure. As always, it’s a pleasure to share with you this month’s issue of my digital magazine. Don’t forget to share to your friends and family and help them start September right and make the return of autumn even more exciting!